14 Aug 2014
New car coming soon...
What could it be? We’re breaking from tradition and will say it isn’t 1/8th size, but that’s it!
08 Aug 2014
Basher Website Revamp
Basher new website is release! Please visit.
12 Mar 2014
Short Course Truck
Nitro Circus 1/10th Scale 4WD Short Course Truck on sales!
Inspired by the only monster truck to ever do a backflip, the Basher Nitro Circus MT is a 1/8th monster truck built to handle everything you throw at it! Featuring a powerful 4S power system, alloy chassis and steel diffs, Basher have come to the market with a truck that is sure to impress!
Spares & Upgrades Available
The attention to detail on this truck is extraordinary. Team Basher understands the importance of after sales support and offer a full range of spares for your battle scarred truck along with an awesome range of hop-up parts to upgrade your ride.
4-cell capable brushless power
A monster 4-cell capable brushless power system and puts all that power down through an all steel 4WD drive transmission. With big bore alloy shocks and heavy duty components.
Bigger tires and extra power
Built on a rugged buggy platform with refinements to handle bigger tires and extra power, the SaberTooth a beast of a vehicle!
Officially licensed
The team at Nitro Circus have driven this truck and are happy to put their name to it. Who knows, maybe it will feature in their next movie!
High grade materials and design
This is an extraordinary truck, and the driving factor behind this is the attention to detail paid by the engineers and designers. No shortcuts were taken on this truck.
Spares & Upgrades Available
We understand the importance of after sales support. Basher ensures that the full range of spares are available, as well as offer the full range of hopups.